I’m the illest of the ill, the dopest of the dope. When it comes to strategy for content, you can call me the Pope.

Hi, my name is Tyler and I’m here to say! And I’m gonna say it in a rapping way.

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been helping startups, agencies, and corporate clients craft words that feel human. As a strategist, I’ve developed and executed plans that use content as an asset to increase traffic, generate leads, create sales, and improve search rankings.

Now, I lead a fierce team of content marketing experts at Optimist. We’re a fully-service content marketing agency that works with startups, SaaS, nonprofits, and creative/technical agencies to grow through strategic content and SEO.

Learn more about us: yesoptimist.com

2014 ADAI Best In Category – Website Design – Strategy/Copywriting – FlyingHippo.com
2014 ADAI Winner – Website Design – Strategy/Copywriting – IGOR-Tech.com
2015 American Advertising Award – Advertising Industry Self Promotion – Strategy/Copywriting – PushBranding.com